Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • pkaurn
    11-01 12:14 PM
    My I 485 package was returned as it didnt have the approval notice of I 140, which was submitted a day later than I485 by my company.
    It is such a frustrating situation as i have been waiting since 1999 for my GC , and when i got this golden chance my company was not serious enuf to submit the papers in time !
    I am doubting the company , as they would have done all this intentionally to keep me in their co. for longer time!The returned letter they have provided me shows no reference no, file no, or either my name ! how can i believe if they have even submitted any papers for I485 or not ?
    They say they can refile again .. but duno what to do ??
    Can anybody be kind enough to help me out here!
    I am so frustrated that I feel like going back to home country now.

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  • kirupa
    10-15 02:51 AM
    While this doesn't count, I just couldn't help but create one myself :vamp:

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-24 07:50 AM
    A fat report and one with some helpful recommendations and statistics. Here are some of the more interesting items I found - - Of the top 150 H-1B employers, 24 were deemed H-1B dependent (a high percentage of workers on the H-1B) and 9 had prior H-1B violations. - Real earnings growth for US workers in occupations with proportionately more H-1B workers - particularly IT - was actually much stronger than the general US worker. - Engineers and IT professionals on H-1Bs were more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to have advanced degrees. - The proportion of...

    More... (

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  • aspireus
    05-19 03:57 PM
    My I 140 approved under Eb3 if i want to change my job and my employer is willing to do in EB2 can I use my old PD from I140 EB3 ?


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  • kprgroup
    03-11 02:40 PM
    My wife (H4) & I (H1-B) have valid I94 and visa stamped in out passport for company A until AUG2010.Last September 2008, I have transferred my H1-B to Company B and it got approved and valid until same AUG 2010.Right now I am working for Company B on H1B

    When I moved to company B, My previous employer canceled my I140 that triggered 485 denied (For Both).Worked with a Lawyer and filed MTR and my (I am the primary applicant)MTR got approved back in Nov2008.I am still waiting for my wife MTR update. Online status still shows - Case received and pending. (For MTR)

    1) I am thinking of transfer my wife H4 to Company B. Is there any issue you guys (seniors) think of?

    2) One more question .We both has EAD valid until 09/2010. Both never used EAD. We got our EAD before our 485 denied. Now since my MTR got approved, the EAD is still valid?

    Please let me know. Thanks for everyone help


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  • sachuin23
    11-18 06:06 PM

    I recently upgraded by I-140 to Premium processing. Soon after the filing of I-907, my status on USCIS status website changed from initial review to Acceptance. The message displayed is that my case has been rejected because of incorrect filing fees. I contacted my lawyer and he is confident that my upgrade was filed properly. He also told me that he has been observing same issue for several clients ,where USCIS website is displaying incorrect message. I am not sure what should be my next step. Is it something I should be worried about?

    Is there some one with similar experience ?


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  • iinfotech10
    08-04 03:44 AM
    The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a United States congressionally-mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is also known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants" (DV immigrants). The Act makes available 50,000[1] permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.
    __________________________________________________ ____
    link building service (
    hearing school (

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-02 01:46 AM
    I wish I could, but I deleted the .psd, my bad :(


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  • kernel_flash
    01-21 05:50 AM
    I bet I didn't want to miss this one !
    Thanks Kirupa.

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  • ssarathk
    05-15 04:59 PM
    Hi, I recently relocated to Las Vegas from NJ. Just wanted to find out if this forum is active and members would like to get together.



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  • fittan
    04-02 11:38 AM
    My I-140 was filed at VSC on 7/7/07. It was later transferred to TSC.

    In this case, would I base my I-140 processing time on VSC which is stucked at 04/01/2006 or TSC which is at 08/15/2007?

    I was hoping the later but I just called USCIS customer service and they said that A) it is based on WHERE YOU INITIALLY FILED and B) my application will eventually be sent back to VSC. I appreciate if someone can verify this. Thanks.


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  • akilaakka
    06-25 06:02 PM
    Thank you so much


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  • b1978
    02-05 12:49 PM

    I-129 approved last year and today I see a soft LUD on this.

    Any idea why there is a soft LUD

    Thank you

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  • pod1
    10-21 12:38 AM
    I am in 6th year of my H1B. It is expiring in Aug 2011.

    Here are some details:
    - My I-140 is approved with a priority date of Aug 2006 under EB2-India.
    - I did not apply for I-485 so I do not have a EAD.
    - My wife is also on H1B which expires in Aug 2012.

    Here are my questions:
    1) If I apply for H1B extension in July 2011 under regular processing and assuming it takes 4-5 months for USCIS to process the application, can I still continue to work? For how many days can I work if visa renewal is still in processing after the visa has expired.
    2) If I get a denial of H1B extension do I become out of status from the date of denial or from the day H1B got expired?
    3) If I get a denial of H1B extension can I immediately apply for H4 as a dependent to my wife's visa without any issues?
    4) If I get a denial of H1B extension, what happens to my I-140? Is it automatically invalid?
    5) If I do convert to H4 status and my priority date becomes current can I apply for I-485?


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  • pcs
    06-14 04:20 PM

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  • gc_rip
    06-14 01:15 AM
    While filing I-485 do I have to choose which I-140 and PD to be used. Need your advise which one should I use,

    1. I-140 approved with details as: PERM LC (EB3, PD Dec 2006).

    2. I-140 pending (just filed) with details regular LC (EB3, PD Nov 2004).

    Choices are:
    A. Just file 485 with 140 with earlier PD(option2 ), and let both 140 and 485 continue.
    B. File 485 with approved 140
    C. Convert pending 140 into premium, and file 485. Is the extra $1000 justified for this?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • masouds
    03-21 08:49 PM
    so, between my external attorney and in-house immigration people at place that I work for (through H1B, no less!), they have managed to lose the I-131 that was approved very recently. External lawyer has received it and sent it to our internal people, and from that point nobody know where it is.
    What are my options (other than praying)? How long will it take for USCIS to reissue (or reprint) an I-131? Is there a fast method for this?

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  • missedthecut
    12-06 10:03 PM
    Hi Friends,

    My H1b 6 years time will expire on March 24th, 2011. One of my previous employer (eData experts) based out of PA had filed for my PERM labor in 12/12/1007.
    But unfortunately due to their negligence it was denied and I was only told about only after 3 months. I currently work for another employer and they have not started my GC processing yet. I don't want to work for this new company because of lot of work pressure which is affecting my work life balance. Can someone out there please suggest me the options to stay in this country. This is very urgent. Your suggestions are really valuable for me. Appreciate your time.


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  • kirupa
    05-19 08:48 AM
    Hey johnnnnnyboy,
    I don't know if Swift allows already animated files into its design environment. I am guessing it would be a "no" but I really am not sure.

    09-11 05:23 PM
    October VB + Talks postponed = Bonus Time to make those Calls

    07-30 03:32 PM
    You will be able to move to a different employer with better job with better pay. If you are happy with ur current job still it cant proect you if ur current employer gors out of business and fires you.

    What are the benefits? Please explain.

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