Sunday, July 3, 2011

Food Chain Hierarchy

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  • food chain chart. food chain

  • lifestrikes
    03-28 03:25 PM
    I plan to tweet during my 3 days at DC during Advocacy Days, so I figured it will be easy if we have a hashtag for twitter.

    I was thinking #IV11

    Anyone else planning to tweet during the event (between meetings)?

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  • and to the classic quot;Chain

  • rima1805
    12-22 03:01 PM
    I need some clarity on this issue. I know AC21 helps switching jobs within the same field/duties, but here is my line of thought... I'm past 2yrs on my H1 and I plan to do a part-time MBA (~3yrs) after which I'd like to be open on the kind of job I do.

    Now, my questions are: (1) Does switching to EAD really pause the H1 clock?
    (2) Is that triggered by filling a new I-9 form alone, or by entering the US on AP, or both?
    (3) I guess, I should be able to apply for a fresh H1 with a new company and switch back from the EAD to new H1, right?

    I know I'll lose the GC priority, especially wife's EAD, but I'm debating if it's worth losing my career aspirations? My info: Nov '06 EB2 PD, approved I-140, July 3 I-485 receipt and my present company will file our EAD/APs as long as it is necessary.

    Looking for your input..... Thanks!

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  • wallpaper IP Needs Hierarchy

  • Saralayar
    09-15 10:11 PM
    Can we sponsor visitor visa for friends or is it only for relatives?.

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  • RRG
    07-06 06:18 PM


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  • Use of hierarchies is more

  • sarkarsu
    01-02 04:43 PM

    My wife has a stamped H4 visa & I-94 both are valid through Oct 16th 2008. We have applied H1B for her which got approved somewhere in May 2007.
    The Approved H1B documents along with new I-94 is with her employer.
    We have some issues with the employer so we are not sure that we can get the H1B & I-94 documents from her employer.
    As we also applied for EAD,In the mean time if we receive her EAD card and Travel Document for my wife.
    Do we still need her H1B and new I-94 documents from her employer for any reason?

    Any advise is well appreciated.


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  • Food chain

  • Blog Feeds
    05-27 08:30 AM
    Keep an eye on the military appropriations bill Congress is working on for a potential immigration piece. The AP reports that Republicans want some serious money and personnel commitments for the southern border. And my own sources are telling me that some Democrats are looking at trying to get the DREAM Act in that same piece of legislation. Remember, DREAM allows for some who join the military to pursue permanent residency so it would be a germane part of the bill. A down payment on comprehensive immigration reform? Or the end of that effort and the return to piecemeal legislating?...

    More... (


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  • dilusa1
    07-18 09:00 AM
    My attorney submitted at NSC I-485 , EAD , and Travel docs on 03 July, INS received it on 05 July, No news yet of receipt..

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  • TexDBoy
    01-21 03:48 PM
    I am an analyst under H1B and I am involved in a sales process by developing a prototype for a client. My company wants me to give a percentage of total deal as commission. It will show in the pay stub as commission. Is it legal to get commission under H1B (please remember I am a programmer analyst) ?


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  • food chain coral reef. food

  • STAmisha
    06-21 10:23 AM
    CAN WE APPLY 140 and 485 without physical Labor APPROVAL?

    My lawyer emailed me saying that she called P-BEC and my LC is approved. We neither have the physical paper nor the online status shows "In-Process"

    How do I apply for 140 and 485?

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  • food chain biology.

  • kiros79
    03-22 01:49 PM
    Hello everyone ! 13 years ago i was charge with Lanercy-theft wich it was a 2nd deg misdemeanor and possesion of cannabis under 20 grams 1st deg misdemeanor i plead guilty and served 3 days in county jail (Florida) , now i'm 32 married to an American citizen and getting ready to adjust my status , i just want to know how hard it"s going to be this whole process , i dont want to be dinied or deported , thanks for any answers.


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  • mamsie1
    07-14 02:55 PM
    I have an H1B approval from USCIS, and I am trying to go to Canada for the initial visa stamping. But then i have a problem. I initially entered the country as a visitor, and married a citizen, but only after my I-94 had expired for about a week. (My petition is still pending. The company I am working for could not wait for my greencard, since its already been years since I started that process, so they went ahead and applied for the H1B visa for me). I heard that it is a problem to do the visa stamping in Canada if you have been out of status before. Is it advisable to go to Canada for the visa stamping?:confused:

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  • arajn
    07-23 03:28 PM
    My company got a NOF from PBEC asking on why they filed labor from State-A when the company HQ is in State B. Company has a branch office in State-A. Did any one of you get these kind of NOF, if so how did you answer the NOF. Help is really appreicated.


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  • ivdude
    04-07 03:30 PM
    When my parents went for visa interview, I had only H1B extension reciept.No problem..

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  • anilsal
    01-25 10:12 PM

    I hope attorneys can give the definitive answer for you.

    Best of luck.


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  • hierarchy of needs.

  • div_bell_2003
    07-07 06:40 PM
    You are only counted against the quota once for a 6 year period , so I believe, she won't come under the quota , although it's getting harder to get H1B extensions every day

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-05 06:20 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    50 new individuals become naturalized U.S. citizens March 1, 2010 in a special ceremony at the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice's Great Hall. In light of this special ceremony, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) has published the following citizenship statistics:

    1907: 7,941 individuals naturalized
    1908: 25,975 individuals naturalized
    1971-1980: 1.5 million individuals naturalized (main areas were Europe, Philippines, Cuba and China)
    1981-1990: 2.3 million individuals naturalized (main areas were Asia, Canada and Mexico)
    1991-2000: 5.6 million individuals naturalized (main areas were Philippines, Vietnam and Mexico)
    2001-2010: Over 5.6 million individuals naturalized (main areas are Philippines, Vietnam and Mexico)

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-25 08:30 AM
    And it's not in the way the bill's supporters probably have hoped. From Public Policy Polling: There's no doubt that the new Arizona immigration law is popular nationally, but that still doesn't mean the issue's going to work to the GOP's advantage this fall. When we polled Colorado in early March Michael Bennet and Jane Norton were tied. Last week we found Bennet with a 3 point lead. One of the biggest reasons for that shift? Bennet went from leading Norton by 12 points with Hispanic voters to a 21 point advantage. That large shift in a Democratic direction among...

    More... (

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 08:10 AM
    The National Foundation for American Policy has released a policy brief regarding the new GAO report on the H-1B program and notes that the GAO blows a torpedo through the common complaint that the H-1B program is just a way to bring in cheap guest workers. NFAP GAO H-1B report

    More... (

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  • sertasheep
    03-23 08:32 PM
    We will stop accepting questions for the attorney call scheduled for April 1st. At this time, we have reachd the "cap" of ~20 questions for the next conf. call scheduled for the April 1st 2007. Members who have sent in their questions will be assigned Please await more details on the time.

    To ensure that questions are "current" and don't get "backlogged", please send in your next set of questions only on or after March 31st.

    01-08 12:48 PM

    04-22 05:18 PM
    It doesn't look like a sunset initially. At first I thought it was a picture of fire with the outline of a dragon in the bottom left in orange haha. The text could be a bit more legible though. The malaysia text looks a bit blurred in areas.

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