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Map Of Laos And Thailand

images Map showing the East-West Map Of Laos And Thailand. Laos - Destination Guides
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  • Green_Always
    03-16 09:48 AM
    UK to impose tax on all visa seekers

    US also will slowly take this route I think.

    wallpaper Laos - Destination Guides Map Of Laos And Thailand. Thailand Map
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  • bijualex29
    06-17 12:07 AM
    If I-485 is filed improperly, the application can be rejected and we need to resend again, however if the date move back, we will be stuck for years again.

    What are the basis on which USCIS will reject the application, when the lawyer apply the application, what kind of evidence we should be double checking in our side, so that we do not have any potential for rejection.
    If the fees are correct, if the forms are signed, all the initial evidence is provided? These are good enough to guarantee the acceptance of application.

    Map Of Laos And Thailand. Map of Burma
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  • sembat
    07-20 12:03 PM

    I am changing my employer with whom I had a H1-B (extended beyond 6 years) and with the new employer I will be starting on EAD (which I have from my wife's GC application). I have couple of questions.

    - Once I start using EAD and if I travel out of US and intend to use AP for re-entry, are there any issues travelling to European countries? I have heard there are problems getting transit visas when on AP. Is this true or is it just for particular airlines?

    - Once I start using EAD, can the new employer apply for H1-B visa transfer or a new H1-B after I start using EAD or its not possible.


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  • starscream
    04-14 09:37 AM
    Hi All,

    Anybody recently got H1B stamped at Mumbai consulate.

    Please mention whether : full time / consultant,
    first time H1B stamping or had previous H1B stamp with same employer

    Much appreciated thanks


    Map Of Laos And Thailand. Eastern Thailand Map 1965
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  • theshiningsun
    04-18 06:23 AM
    hi attorneys,

    my H-1B petition is valid for another 3 months. we applied for my H1 extn and my spouse H4 extn 2 months ago. both r still pending.

    my spouse H4 petition expired last month. since we applied extn b4 it expired, my spouse can stay in usa legally.

    now my spouse wants to travel abroad for a family function.

    (1) is it fine to travel abroad with H4 extn pending? (pls note that the H-1B holder will not be traveling)

    (2) if H4 extn is approved with new I-94 when abroad and my spouse gets another new I-94 at POE when returning, then which I-94 will be the latest valid one?

    thx in advance,

    Map Of Laos And Thailand. Print this map of Thailand
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  • gcwait2007
    05-01 03:00 PM


    Map Of Laos And Thailand. Laos, And Thailand Map
  • Laos, And Thailand Map

  • lawyerfriends
    07-04 03:06 PM
    12 Million illegal immigrants X atleast 2000 USD lawyer fees for each illegal's paperwork = almost 25 Billion in lawyer fees
    AILA's total membership = 10,000 lawyers (including non practising law faculty)

    25 Billion dollars divided by less than 10K lawyers, each was going to walk away with a 2.5 million dollar bonanza

    Now that it is clear that they will not turn into instant millionaires (believe me, most of them already are), they have suddenly become the EB community's stalwart best friend and are even filing a lawsuit for us because the thought of returning the 2000$ fees for filing 485 is killing them. They may even shed a tear at our sorry plight.

    2010 Map of Burma Map Of Laos And Thailand. Map showing the East-West
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  • SlowRoasted
    04-24 10:35 PM
    very nice:thumb:


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-21 09:30 AM
    Readers have been sending me the best links. Here's one from the latest issue of Newsweek: As the white house revives immigration reform�an issue the president is discussing with congressional leaders�it may want to ponder the effects of curbing foreign labor. While immigrants are blamed for dragging down American wages and stealing jobs, University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri comes to a different conclusion. In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Peri trowels through nearly five decades of immigration data and finds that foreign workers have boosted the economy, jacking up average income without crowding out American...

    More... (

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  • askreddy
    06-25 10:19 PM
    Thank You for the info.


    Map Of Laos And Thailand. Thailand, Laos amp; Cambodia.
  • Thailand, Laos amp; Cambodia.

  • sina
    01-10 09:33 AM
    I have a approved I140 from my current employer with prority date of may 2006. I had applied a labor long time back in Jan 2004 with another employer. This labor is approved now. Can I apply another I140 with the old empoyer without revoking the one that I have with the current employer as I want to stay with the current employer till I get the new I140 approved? Will applying the I140 with the old affect my current I140 approval.
    Please help, I have to decide soon.

    hot Eastern Thailand Map 1965 Map Of Laos And Thailand. River Map of Thailand:
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  • nshethia
    08-26 08:14 PM

    I am working with a company in US on a H1B Visa. My Visa has been expired. I had applied for H1B extn thru my employer. Today I recd something is very unusual. I recd a H1B extn approval notice in one mail, and another mail with a RFE with the same receipt number as my receipt#.

    Not sure what this would mean, Not sure what takes precedence. I know for sure, this is a unusual case. Let me know in this case what should I do. I have asked my employer to question USCIS on this, they will be doing their part tomorrow morning.

    Let me know if someone has gone thru this experience. I am sure this is a one off scenario, but for sure there may be lot of helpful souls around who know how much pain it is for not having a valid I94. Personally I am going thru a tough time as my state has expired my driving license as my Visa has expired.

    All help and advice is welcome with loads of wishes and good luck to all you there

    Thanks and Regards


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  • Almond
    04-21 09:35 PM
    If we're thinking of the same thing, the cover letter basically is a simple letter that explains what is in the package and what is the purpose of the package/envelope/application. It enumerates all the documents enclosed, almost like a checklist. You don't have to enclose it but it'd be good to do so not just for you but also for the person opening your package so they know if you enclosed something that they're looking for. It kind of keeps the whole thing organized.

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  • boldm28
    10-02 12:10 AM
    LCA for people who work from home

    I work from home and one week a month i go to my consulting company office
    I live in Texas and company is in NJ .
    my question is should the lca be filed from nj where the company is
    or should it be filed from Tx where I live and work from home

    Thanks in Advance


    pictures Laos, And Thailand Map Map Of Laos And Thailand. Left: Map of Thailand, Laos,
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  • cmozla
    06-29 03:29 PM
    My case: NIW 140 approved, PD 2006/10, now 485 pending. But I am leaving USA to another country for a permanent job. I am not sure if I should withdraw the 485 or just convert it to CP.
    1. Will it be possible for me to get the green card thru CP if I get interviewed and can't show any ties with USA? Can I enter USA during CP? I hope to have green card in case I don't like my new job and come back to US someday. But I may just cancel 485 in order to affect the least my future visiting visa application. Suggestions?

    2. I am on H1 now, but H1 will expire 1 month before I leave USA. So I understand that I can stay legally on AOS for the one month, true? Do I need to do anything for switching from H1 to AOS? Again, I need to come back to USA for business/visiting, so I want to do everything right not to harm my future non-immigrant visa application.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs!

    dresses River Map of Thailand: Map Of Laos And Thailand. Map of Laos and Neighboring
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  • mrsr
    06-19 08:44 PM
    it asks last five year employment history , i have not worked in USA for the past 3 year but i have worked abroad before these 3 years.. should i write it in the column or i should write NONE as i have not worked here in USA .... i am not the primary applicant ... my husband is primary applicant

    please reply


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  • ns33
    10-23 05:37 PM
    I tried to search for this and could not find anything.

    When dealing with 485 portability using EAD (with approved I140),
    what happens if your underlying LC is a location/region/state bound and you end up moving to out of that specified region.

    Job duties/job code can stay similar with probably salary increase.
    Does the location violation get equated to unequal/dissimilar job duties resulting in 485 denial?

    Chances are that should I have to invoke AC21 portability(due to layoff or something alike), I'll be facing this so I just want to be prepared for possibilities.

    Thanks for insights.

    PS: In other words: What will be considered violation or conditions for Similar job duties if job title and responsibilities stay same but other factors - i.e employer, location, salary cap changes.

    girlfriend Acknowledgements to Map Of Laos And Thailand. Map Of Laos And Thailand.
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  • Blog Feeds
    12-11 10:00 PM
    Here's the link. Bad news in the family categories as much of the advancement of the last two years has been reversed with major retrogressions. The only good news was a ten month jump for Mexico EB-3 cases. Family 1st- 13 month retrogression for most countries to January 2005; six month advance for Dominican Republic to January 2005; one week advance for Mexico. Family 2A - world numbers retrogress 20 months to January 2008; Mexico retrogresses five years to April 2005. Family 2B - world numbers retrogress more than two years to April 2003; Dominican Republic advances two months to...

    More... (

    hairstyles Thailand, Laos amp; Cambodia. Map Of Laos And Thailand. Map of Laos
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  • Blog Feeds
    04-11 03:40 PM
    This is the latest update as of Tuesday, April 6, 2010, Vermont Service Center, as of close of business on Monday, April 5, 2010, VSC had received a total of 9,525 cap-subject H-1B petitions. Of those petitions, 6,791 were "regular" cap, and 2,734 were advanced degree. All cases received before April 7, 2010, will have an April 7, 2010 receipt date. Those received on April 7, 2010 or later will bear the actual receipt date. For those submitted for Premium Processing, the clock will start on April 7, 2010. We will update once we have the California Service Center Numbers.

    More... (

    10-03 09:22 AM
    Our Application was also received by M.Salcedo at TSC on August 2nd. We got all our receipts on October 1st. When I checked the status online for 765, the status showed - 'Card Production Ordered'

    You receipts may be on their way!

    02-17 04:54 PM
    Will post something 2.

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